Why us?

Why us?

Getting your PMP® with PrestoPrep. Start changing your tomorrows, today.

You know you’re an asset, considered a leaders capable of galvanizing the team, but you feel there is more right around the corner.

You want the recognition that comes with a job well done, and to be acknowledged for your efforts and inspired to continue.

Stop waiting to finish paying your dues, for “your time to come”, and looking for a different reality. Stop wishing you’d be appreciated, recognized for your contributions, and provided with bigger and better opportunities.

If you’ve been watching people less capable get the breaks, others get the promotions, and colleagues take your place, PrestoPrep can change that. Getting your PMP will make a difference. It always does.

Life hinges on decisions. Make a choice to accelerate your success. Choose PrestoPrep to be your guide, and watch tomorrow change forever.

We’ve been on the road teaching this all over the US for the last 12+ years – we’ve taught in 29 states! In that time, we’ve used a lot of materials and boiled it down to this. Most people just want to get it done, and show their boss the piece of paper. To do that, you don’t need to memorize the PMBOK® but you do need to understand the exam requirements, and learn those upside down and inside out. THAT, is what PrestoPrep’s bootcamp will teach you. From application to exam success, we’ve got the formula to help you earn the magical 3.