Capture 3 magical letters —
P M P® — and open doors.

Capture 3 magical letters —
P M P® — and open doors.

You are reliable, trustworthy and 9 to 5 isn’t your goal. While others around you may have retired in place, your motivation is to be great consistently, “escape stuck”, unlock your potential. Or maybe someone else decided the PMP® was for you and you’re looking for a quick solution. Regardless, you’re the “go to” gal/guy, you deliver the goods, and want to be on the radar as the expert in getting things done.

Despite your years of experience, those 3 missing letters — P  M   P — behind your name keep you from getting the projects, promotions and recognition you know you deserve.

Success at getting the PMP credential takes time, effort and a proven strategy. However, if your work-life is a mirror of hundreds of people we’ve worked with:

  1. Your work never stops, from sun up to sun down you are watching your emails, checking your voicemail
  2. Meetings beget meetings, and so on and so on …
  3. The impossible is your standard option and it’s wearing you down to your core
  4. You take your laptop and business calls on vacation
  5. The only lunches you get are catered working sessions
  6. Getting away from the office is an everyday challenge
  7. Without 3 magical letters, you are a worker bee — your influence and career path are limited

We hear a lot of stories about why students want the 3 magical letters.

You feel chained to your desk, handcuffed to your phone, imprisoned by your email.

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling stuck, dreading the days and counting the hours until 5 PM on Friday.

You’ve skipped vacations, ignored your health and missed family commitments all because you prioritize client needs ahead of your own plans, goals, and desires.

When you’re feeling this way and doors aren’t opening for you, your only option is back to the grind of email, meetings, and calls. Quiet the voices asking, “are you qualified?”

Or, you walked into an update and learned that the team needs a new PMP, and you’re it.

In fact, hundreds of students have told us that they feel as if they’re treading water, are overlooked for promotions and opportunity is passing them over.

We get it. We really do. With those 3 magical letters your opinion will be more valued, respected, and followed. And, we see it time and again.

We are PrestoPrep, a division of the Young Resource Group. Choose us and you will get those magical 3 letters.  And, doors will open. Now, we have made it even easier, and are scheduling night classes via Zoom.  

Having taught the PMP for thousands of hours and helped thousands of people get their magical letters, we’ve perfected the formula.  What are you waiting for?

But, honestly, what stands in your way? Maybe you tried to go it alone, the self-study route — you started strong, committed, but after a few sections of material you got frustrated, confused and gave up.

Or, maybe you planned to schedule a class but the days turned to weeks and months have slipped by.

Or maybe, life got in the way and you simply had to keep your head down and stay on task and wait for the right time. That time is now.

Want to know what is missing? Your guide.

With all the material, math and jargon, it’s easy to be overwhelmed trying to navigate it all. Your guide helps you steer away from unnecessary content, and focus on questions you need to know.

Your guide will lead you on a proven path, pull you through the pitfalls, and deal with distractions that can derail you.

Your guide will direct you to high-return material, explore new short-cuts and avoid troubles.

Before you know it, you will have reached your journey’s end. Mission accomplished.

Grab life by the letters.

And what would your day look like, armed with the PMP?

  • Feeling confident that you have achieved an elite credential
  • How much easier your next project kick-off meeting will be knowing you have the authority you need
  • Representing yourself as someone who has demonstrated a higher level of professionalism and commitment to getting work done
  • Comfortably and confidently reporting project status, internally and externally
  • Enthusiastic, productive and respectful project conversations
  • Going to lunch with an old friend, confident things are under control
  • Leaving the office at a decent hour
  • Applying for contracts, promotions, and assignments that were previously out of your reach
  • Joyfully planning your next get-away

Achievement, recognition, and respect all are yours with 3 magical letters after your name.

Welcome to Presto Prep, your 4-day, door-opening journey for results-oriented people who need the PMP fast.

This 4-day bootcamp meets PMI’s 35 hour project management training requirement. Now, sit in our Night Classes from the comfort of your own home office (or kitchen table) and get qualified at your convenience. 

Night classes are instructor led via Zoom.  We mean, live instruction, not a pre-recorded webinar, from experienced PMP’s who answer your questions, share real life scenarios, and provide practical application of the material.  

Structured support to maximize your retention, develop mental acuity, and steer toward the pass you need.

Our small class sizes give you the optimal personal touch and individual attention.  We offer top tier customer service and office hours weekly.  

Discover why the correct answer on the job is not the best answer on the exam.

Course materials are created by master’s level instructional designers to address the mental rigors of the exam, to reveal and clarify test tricks and traps.

Vivid mnemonics to help you effortlessly memorize, retain and recall details.

Online exam simulator to practice your recall, reveal your strengths and weaknesses and learn how you’ll actually perform on the exam.

All of our instructors are active PMP holders and fluent in adult learning strategies that protect your investment, time and reputation.

FUN, because we know the material can be dry and we like to have a laugh.

It’s all you need and nothing you don’t.

What others have said about us….

Gordon was a superb teacher and helped me get the results I was looking for, namely getting me a passing grade on the exam. Not only was the class more enjoyable because of Gordon’s teaching style, but I felt over-prepared for the exam and didn’t believe for a minute on the exam that failure was ever going to happen…. I thought Gordon kept the class on track from a material pace perspective and adequately covered all the recognized PMBOK chapters, leaving plenty of review time and Q&A time throughout to be sure no one in the class was left behind.

If you are planning on pursuing a PMP® certification, PLEASE consider taking Gordon’s class…it will definitely make the exam a less stressful experience and increase you chances of success immeasurably.  – Theodore S., PMP

Excellent instructor with impeccable command of project management methodologies and the classroom. The fast-paced, relevant, and innovative presentation of the PMP® exam prep, Gordon delivered enabled me to pass PMI’s Project Management Professional certification test the first time through. I would recommend Gordon to my mother – she has the highest standards of anyone I know. – Klaus B., PMP

Welcome to PrestoPrep.

We’re your fast-track to passing the PMP exam and your safety net during your short trek. We’ll help you along the way, picking the best path forward, the topics that give you the highest return on your time, where to dig in and where to tread lightly. We’ve selected the best gear for you, based on the unique requirements of the PMP exam. You’ll learn to identify exam traps and steer around them, towards your passing score. Consider us your sherpas, your guides and your fans.

Why me?

We created Presto Prep after delivering PMP prep courses for several other companies, scouring YouTube project management videos, and analyzing dozens of PMP prep texts.

We spent more than 10 years on the road teaching PMP materials, week after week, month after month, and year after year.  You might say to yourself, “how boring is that!!”  We see it as, “How exciting is that???” We’re project nerds.  Welcome to our club, Presto Prep.

All that repetition, coupled with feedback from thousands of students who passed the exam, allowed us to chip away at chunks of material that is irrelevant for most test-takers.  We didn’t see any materials in the market that do that.  We knew there had to be a better way, a better way to use your time, an easier path to PMP success.  That better way is our proven method.

Most courses, most books, most products simply paraphrase the PMBOK Guide, section after section. We’ll geek out on GANTT charts, crack open critical paths, and party with PARETO.

We’re unique. We don’t use a string of volunteers who may be teaching this material every once in a while, or for their very first time.  Others may focus on covering all the material in the PMBOK guide.  We focus on what you need to know to pass each section of the exam. We’ve crafted, shaped, and refined our best strategies to give you all that you need, and nothing you don’t.

Our classes are small, only 12 seats available.  We do that on purpose. We won’t cram you in elbow to elbow, a practice that focuses on vendor profits not student success.  And, you won’t get opinions, you’ll get reference-based responses, and the benefit of the thousands who have come before you.  We do live instruction, interactive questions, and immediate responses.

By the end of day 4, you’ll be confident you know the formulas, you understand the charts, and those 3 magical letters will soon be where they belong — behind YOUR name. Let us be your guides on this journey.

What’s different about this?

Self-paced study costs less and forces you to learn the materials solo, with no one to guide you around the stuff you don’t need.  Other programs charge you for beach towels and backpacks, teach you relaxation techniques, and read you the PMBOK Guide.  We don’t.

Still others drown you in materials, flashcards, and recordings, as if you paid by the pound.  And, still others don’t even update their materials on a regular basis, leaving you with outdated, sloppy, and error-ridden copy.

PrestoPrep is 4 days or nights of focused preparation.  Our instruction is test-based.  We focus on what you need to know and teach you how to remember it all.  We update regularly, and compare and contrast all concepts and practices for full comprehension of what you need to know to pass. We obsess over your success.

Investing in your success with Presto Prep only costs $1250.  We honor US military service and veterans with a Gold Star discount. Contact us for a registration promo code if you are a veteran of our armed forces.

What happens if you do nothing?  People will continue to nudge you out of their way, discount your experiences, and take the assignments meant for you unless you make a choice and take that first step.

Let today be the day you pick your own path. Make the decision to change the rest of your tomorrows.  No more missed opportunities, and lost recognition.  No more putting it off until a more convenient time.  No more frustration and confusion.  No more time flying by.

Today, you change your future.  There are only 12 seats in each class — put your name on one of them.

Don’t look back a year from now and wonder why you didn’t do it before, when you had the opportunity.

Still, others think this….

We covered project initiation through closing with everything in between. Gordon creates a fun environment with engaging white-boarding that animates the PMP process with a bottoms-up approach that rewarded me with “aha” moments several times a day. I wasn’t bored. I laughed a lot. I passed the PMP exam on my first try. – Marc S., PMP

The PMP® Bootcamp provided me with the tools needed to pass the exam. The instructor has thorough knowledge of the material, test taking tips and successful teaching strategies that helped me to absorb the material and build my confidence going into the exam. I passed the exam on the first attempt, largely due to this bootcamp. – Kathleen S., ASEP, PMP

Everyone in the class was working toward PMP certification. For many, their professional trajectories would be deeply affected by passing or failing the exam. Understandably, many in the class arrived stressed. The breadth of the material can feel overwhelming. Gordon was fully present and kept everyone in good humor. Gordon fosters a sense of cohesion and support in the classroom. It’s a special gift. He seems to care deeply about our success and was interested in us as people. His positive regard was contagious. My classmates, coming from all sorts of professional backgrounds (electronics, construction, think tanks, advertising, nonprofits, and utilities), became interested in one another. Over lunch, we shared details of our families, professional hopes and study tips! I am still in contact with many of my peers. I recommend Gordon completely and hope to learn from him again. – Stephanie, PMP

I had the fortunate pleasure in meeting Gordon during my PMP® training. He conducts his course in such a manor that the pain-staking process of obtaining all the material is actually enjoyable. He has a brilliant way of leaving an imprint in your mind with his creative pictures and scenarios. I would recommend Gordon & Young Resource Group, LLC for anyone looking to further their career path. – Mark K., PMP

Hands down, the most comprehensive short-course I’ve taken in my professional career. After completing the training I felt confident in my ability to not only pass the PMP® exam, but also integrate a number of new strategies into my project management duties. – Rob J., PMP

I took the five day PMP certification class, and passed the PMP exam two weeks later. Gordon was an awesome teacher with a pleasant demeanor, and able to answer every question I posed. I came into the class without having done any preparation for the exam. The material was presented in a logical and organized manner, and communicated in a way that accommodated maximum absorption in a short amount of time. YRG also provided extended access to online sample tests of varying lengths and types. Over the next two weeks after the class, by using those sample tests and some study aids and tricks I learned in the class, I was able to pass the PMP exam on my first attempt! – Bobby H., PMP


Our Difference

First,  we offer top tier customer service.  However we can help you with your PMP application, your books, getting into the class… we do all we can to make it a pleasant and as easy as possible experience for you.  Think about the efficiency of a Chick-FilA drive thru!

Our classes are always small. It lends to better communication for teacher and student alike. Feel free to ask for extra help or, to rephrase a question.

To make your life easier, we offer a print copy of the class materials at an additional fee, or use the website copy.  Want an electronic PMBOK®?  We have that too.  Or, get a print copy you can highlight and mark up.  We aim to help you out however you need it.  The materials are available all online; paper copies of the simulator are not available. nope. sorry.

Classes are taught over a 4 day period: 4 consecutive day in person classes, 4 consecutive Monday nights, or Tuesdays and Thursday nights for 2 consecutive weeks.  Either way, you have 4 days of classes, a fair amount of reading to do and a lot of Zoom time.   It will definitely be worth it when you pass the exam. 

Wednesday evenings, we have scheduled Office Hours.  Remember your college professor had office hours once a week and you could go for extra help?  This is virtual office hours; using the same zoom link every week.  Come and ask your questions, ask advice, ask away. It’s like having a private tutor. No excuse not to use him or her. 

Is this for you?

You’re ready if….

  • you have coordinated the work of others, are ready to claim the recognition you deserve or your boss will be waiting to see those 3 letters.
  • your boss will be waiting to see those 3 letters
  • you can carve out 4 days to change your tomorrows
  • you’re looking for new avenues of growth and opportunity
  • you’ve taken another class, or tried self-study and either failed or abandoned the effort
  • you’re highly motivated to get those 3 magical letters
  • you like to laugh and have a good time while you learn

PrestoPrep is not for you if you:

  • are closed-minded or want to be spoon-fed the material
  • don’t like laughter, frequent breaks and hanging out with bright people
  • require the linear standard approach that is the “off the shelf” practice
  • are unwilling to set aside the time and make the effort to open new doors
  • plan to sleep in, arrive late, call into the office every hour, and leave early
  • haven’t made the personal commitment to better yourself
  • are unwilling to commit to do what it takes — work.

If you need specifics about the application, the class, or anything related to the bootcamp, check our FAQ link here.

If you’ve made it this far you have something driving you, something you want more of or something you want less of. I know I did. I had heard about the PMP for years and figured I’d get around to it “some day.” My some day came when the company I worked for was being purchased by another and the rumor mill spread “if you have the title of project manager and don’t have your PMP, you’re getting fired.” Well, I like to use the adage that you want to be the first pig at the trough so I signed up for a PMP prep class the day I heard that rumor. My boss agreed to fund not only my class but anybody in my group that wanted to get their PMP — yes, we were lucky to have great leadership. Even if you don’t have that blessing, make the investment in you.

Being the first in my group to submit my PMP application wasn’t audited. Time can be a factor when a group from the same organization is applying. After getting the PMP my world changed significantly. I was invited to speak to groups about what it takes to get the PMP, how to apply, how to prepare. And that planted a seed in me. I saw opportunities not only in my company but in the market that were invisible to me, as if I had suddenly come visible, needed and appreciated.

Doing this work, serving those that want the PMP has brought me so much joy, laughter and new, brilliant people into my life. It’s powerful. I hope to meet you and help you get what you deserve.

All the best,


Chief Project Nerd, PrestoPrep