About Us

About Us

We know what having 3 letters behind your name can do for your career, esteem and pocketbook. We also know how hard you work and the challenge of working an exam into your already over-scheduled life can be.

Had it not been for the rumors surrounding a company merger (you’ll get fired if you don’t have the PMP) and the looming arrival of our first child – lack of sleep, constant supervision and more lack of sleep — we would have put off taking the exam, too.

Imagine yourself:

– Working where everybody knows your name
– Knowing that different strokes rule the world
– And realizing the facts of life are all about you
– That this group must somehow form a family
– And these days are ours, these happy days.

We’ve tried this pop-culture schtick in Canada, you are right, and it does not fly. What you’ll find in PrestoPrep are mnemonics and strategies that have survived the test of time, hundreds of class sessions, things that will burn key concepts into your memory. We have been teaching this material for over 10 years, to literally thousand and thousands of students. We discovered what works, what doesn’t and what matters most of all. And, we distilled it into PrestoPrep.

Get that respect you deserve. We’ve helped thousands of people get their PMP and have a big bang doing it. Your letters are waiting. Grab ‘em!